Riddling Widow

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Fermentation fUnk Nation

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Fermentation fUnk Nation


Wednesday MAY 18TH


$65.00 (+) $5.77 (8.875% Tax)= $70.77

Have a clue on how sparkling wines are made? Like the bubbles, but wonder how they get into your glass? 

Join The Champagne Parlor on a tour through different sparkling wine regions and uncover their different techniques & practices. For all intensive purposes this is Sparkling 101 but the wines are anything but Basic Beckys. 

This event will team up with Abby Swain of Craft and Craftbar to showcase the diversity of fermentation techniques while pairing each course wth a different sparkler made in its own unique way. So lets get busy being fizzy while jamming out to the freshest Funk.


Riddling Widow

127 Macdougal St, Greenwich Village, NYC

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6-2 am Thursday to  Saturday