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Drink Your Heart Out 9PM SEATING


Drink Your Heart Out 9PM SEATING



9PM Seating

Fill a glass with your tears any other day, but on February 14th we fill it with Champagne.

Single and ready to mingle? In a relationship and gotta impress, exploring? No discrimination here because we are looking to spend the next year RIP ( Romantically Involved with Pizza!) Let us entertain you and Champagne you while you gorge on fondue for two for one or two...again no judgements.

Here's the deal: get a lover or a group of gal friends or just come single and spectacular! Your reservation gets you a bottle of sparkling rose and a choice of cheese or chocolate fondue while you cozy up candle lit. That's right folks we are getting extra sexy classy. If you do come with more than yourself you can trade in your two bottles of sparkling for a bottle of rose Champagne. Math & bartering on the day of love? Steamy!

Extra special addition is DJ Mike Magers serenading you with all the romantic bump and grind jams you know and love. Montel Jordan, Barry White, Sam Cooke. Are you as turned on as we are?

Uptown Sleepover Attire Suggested.

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6-2 am Thursday to  Saturday