Riddling Widow

An Underground Champagne Parlor

A Champagne Bar for Celebrations, Parties and Bubbly

The Champagne Parlor @ Riddling Widow hosts events that highlight the most interesting and delicious of Champagnes, as well as engaging bubbly from around the world. The brain child of Ariel Arce, this collaboration between chefs, farmers, winemakers, imbibers, sommeliers and artists showcases the versatility of sparkling wines.

 Programming ranges from Champagne Pizza Parties to Women in Wine, from Sustainability in Sparkling Wine & Agriculture to Fermentation Nation, from Rare Shizz Fizz to Decade Drinking etc.

Every event offers an in-depth guided tasting of exceptional wines, unique accompanying foods educational materials to elevate your wine knowledge, and of course some old-school music to kick it to.

One part party and one part classroom, the Champagne Parlor is an intimate setting to get some knowledge and drink some bubbles. Space is limited so reserve early-these corks aren't going to pop themselves!





6-2 am Thursday to  Saturday