Riddling Widow

An Underground Champagne Parlor

A Champagne Bar for Celebrations, Parties and Bubbly

Dirty Champagne Dancing

How many times have you attempted that iconic lift after too many glasses of bubbly? 

Have you ever carried a watermelon?

It's 1963 and  Francis "Baby" Houseman is is just one listless summer away from joining the Peace Corps. Picture the Catskills and Patrick Swayze's Pants are so tight it hurts.  

Join The Champagne Parlor as we blast the best soundtrack of all time paired with country club classics and a discussion on the Champagne Industry and what was happening in 1960's American Wine Culture. 

There may be a conga line and a secret dance party where everyone is filthy hot and sweaty, but one thing is for sure, nobody is putting Baby in the corner.

75.00 (+) Tax


Seating is Limited


6-2 am Thursday to  Saturday